Live a meaningful and peaceful lifeTraining on how to live a healthy life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.The retreat is an opportunity to practice tools that help you to stay connected to yourself or your divine source on a daily basis. We tend to get lost in the exterior and we need …

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The Way of Peace

To have peace in your life, you have to heal your wounds. Unhealed wounds will always create the feeling of having to defend and protect yourself. Defence creates attack. The only thing that saves you is inner healing. Learn to communicate peacefully and have emotional balance. We introduce the book “A Course in Miracles” as a tool for inner …

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Professional Success

We all aspire to happiness. Interestingly, in the field of work, there is a prevailing belief that you have to work hard and suffer to succeed, to survive, to exist. As we are teaching in all workshops: OUR THOUGHTS CREATE OUR REALITY. For this reason, it will be your thoughts that will determine the way …

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Prosperity and Money

For most people, money is a heavy burden. Money has become a dictator. Money dominates their life, guides their actions and relationships. It is sad. In reality money is innocent and a simple method of exchange. Many times I come across the message “it is better to be poor and have a good heart”. I …

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Sacred Sexuality

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy there is, it is the energy of life and creation.From the moment we are born our sexuality is conditioned by family, cultural and social causes, this leads us to disconnect ourselves from a free, innocent and fulfilling sexuality and our creative capacity.Sacred sexuality accompanies us to be aware …

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Conscious Relationships

Having healthy relationships is not easy, not least because no one has taught us and because our partner reflects back to us what we have not healed in ourselves and what we do not want to see. There is nothing outside that is not inside. This gives us the opportunity to look at what we …

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¿What is self-esteem?Normally we perceive our self-esteem in relation to beliefs or behaviours others have towards us. For example, if your husband praises you for the great meal you made, your self-esteem rises, if your boss accuses you of making a mistake, your self-esteem falls. It seems that self-esteem is something that depends on others …

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Childhood is where our most important and enduring thoughts and beliefs are created. We are sponges and absorb everything – everything we hear, see and perceive. We then make decisions as a result and, more often than not, get misperceptions about love, relationships, work, money, life.Thus we inherit thoughts, beliefs and habits, mostly from our …

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