Prosperity and Money

20 April 2024 - 10:00 to 20:00h

For most people, money is a heavy burden. Money has become a dictator. Money dominates their life, guides their actions and relationships. It is sad.
In reality money is innocent and a simple method of exchange.
Many times I come across the message “it is better to be poor and have a good heart”.
I like to compare money to a knife. The knife itself is neutral, neither bad nor good. A person with an open heart will cut food with it to share. A person with a wounded heart can hurt another person. Is the knife at fault?
Is the knife better in the hands of a peaceful and healthy person or in the hands of an aggressive and pain-filled person? I think the answer is clear.
Now back to money. Is money better in the hands of a generous and sincere person or in the hands of a person with fear and lies?
I assume that you are a person with values and a good heart. Then money is better in your hands. It is better to have money and a good heart. Having money does not mean being bad. It is a subliminal message that turns many people away from money. And this is a problem. They reject money out of fear that others don’t want to be with them, or just for money.

Course content

  • Family conditioning
  • Scarcity – Abundance
  • Money in Circulation
  • Self-Enhancement
  • Constellation
  • Breathing and Integration Session

This year I have decided to offer a big discount on the courses to make them more accessible to people with less means. Prices are rising everywhere and the need for change is greater. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Price: 108€ 54€

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