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A space for personal transformation The 9 Months of Personal Transformation represent the 9 months of pregnancy to achieve the …

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Rebirthing / Renacimiento
Personal and Professional Training Rebirthing / Renacimiento The training is a path of self-knowledge that is open to anyone interested …

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16 December 2023
Childhood is where our most important and enduring thoughts and beliefs are created. We are sponges and absorb everything – …

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20 January 2024
¿What is self-esteem?Normally we perceive our self-esteem in relation to beliefs or behaviours others have towards us. For example, if …

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17 February 2024
Having healthy relationships is not easy, not least because no one has taught us and because our partner reflects back …

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16 March 2024
Sexual energy is the most powerful energy there is, it is the energy of life and creation. From the moment …

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20 April 2024
For most people, money is a heavy burden. Money has become a dictator. Money dominates their life, guides their actions …

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18 May 2024
We all aspire to happiness. Interestingly, in the field of work, there is a prevailing belief that you have to …

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15 June 2024
To have peace in your life, you have to heal your wounds. Unhealed wounds will always create the feeling of having to …

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11 July 2024
Live a meaningful and peaceful lifeTraining on how to live a healthy life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual …

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