Rebirthing is a method of introspection, integration, and deep relaxation.


Would you like to experience a profound transformation in your life? Do you want to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health in a holistic way? This Rebirthing course is for you! Learn to breathe consciously and release your emotional blocks to achieve greater self-awareness and a more fulfilling life. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in your well-being and reserve your spot right now!

Rebirthing en Tenerife

What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing consists of two main components: 

Conscious Connected Breathing

Through conscious connected breathing you free your breathing mechanism, achieve a good breathing capacity (normally people use only 10% of their capacity) and detox your body (80% of toxics are eliminated by breathing). It fills your body with life energy which cleans and unblocks emotional, mental and physical limitations. Your joy of life increases, your health gets better; you are more productive and more relaxed.

Thoughts create your Reality

Our thoughts create our reality. In order to create your life, you need to know your thoughts. The problem is there are many unconscious thoughts imprinted in our system that react in an unconscious way. Whenever you react to something, you can be sure it is an unresolved pattern.

Rebirthing is making the unconscious conscious and heals the past. This is real freedom.

Making something conscious is half of the healing, the conscious connected breathing is the other half.

Traumas or unresolved situations inhibit our natural state of happiness and create mechanisms of self-defense in order to avoid feeling the pain and tension created by them.

Rebirthing is not only a Breathing Technique but a way of living. If you wish to be aware of yourself, happy and healthy, this is for you.

Rebirthing is a method of introspection, integration and deep relaxation.

Rebirthing is an easy and powerful inner healing process, which is the only thing that really works. You can try to change partner, work, place, country but if you don´t change you will get to the same point again and again.

Rebirthing is a method of introspection, integration, and deep relaxation.

The simple act of conscious breathing constitutes the most powerful healing element in the body.

Benefits of Rebirthing

  • Your general health gets better.
  • You achieve peace, calmness and happiness connecting to you higher self.
  • You learn how to manage your emotions (stress, anxiety, sadness, pessimism…).
  • You change limiting thoughts created by infancy ocurrences.
  • You experience more vitality and joy in your life.
  • You achieve natural balance among body, mind and spirit.
  • You unlock your breathing mechanism and amplify your lung capacity.
  • You activate oxygenation in your blood.
  • You eliminate toxins and assimilate nutrients better.
  • You rise your energy level and immune system.
  • You rejuvenate your body and appearance.
  • You balance your nervous system.
  • You relieve pain and health problems.
  • You sleep calmly.
  • You recover your self-esteem and overcome doubts.
  • You communicate better in your personal relationships and conflict management.
  • You overcome addictions, fears, phobias and panic attacks.
  • You activate your mental efficiency and unlock your creativity and intuition.
  • You concentrate better and recover your memory.
  • You easily resolve inner conflicts.
  • You overcome separations, changes in life, death of loved ones and other traumatic situations.

Your center of peace

Private Sessions

A Rebirthing Session is a space of trust and security where the client can open up to the professional to share what is not working in his/her life, what hurts and where support is needed. The Rebirther will guide the person to find the unconscious blocking thoughts, beliefs and habits that are creating a problem. The purpose of the sessions is personal growth and transformation, an opportunity to check and change our life story.

Duration of a session is about 2 hours.

We recommend receiving ten sessions. The principle idea of these ten sessions is to give the client the opportunity to manifest changes and be able to autonomously practice and take sessions on his own.

The Founder


He was born in New York in 1938. At the end of the sixties he started to develop what was later called Rebirthing, with the support of Sondra Ray and many others. Rebirthing is based on Eastern Breathwork techniques and it is considered a therapeutic tool to reduce tension, create more energy and to have better interpersonal relationships.

He wrote books as “Rebirthing in the New Age” (1983), “The Healing Manual”, “Breaking the Death Habit” (1998). In his books he declares that breath is the power of the mind and the origin of our power in the physical world. This Breathwork technique is a physical, mental and spiritual experience.

Learning to breathe correctly and learn, at the same time, how to use the power of our thoughts for our own benefit, are the most important activities a human being can learn.

More information

According to Jim Leonard, the aim of Rebirthing is integration. Integration is the process by which something unpleasant and unknown of a person changes to something wonderful in his normal consciousness. According to this view, integration is the opposite of repression. Repression is the process of deciding that something is unpleasant and striving to move it away from consciousness in order not to feel its cause.  Integration is the process of bringing into consciousness something that in the past was repressed and choosing to enjoy it. The repression of any experience is always associated with a negative belief. A negative belief is a thought that has at least one of the following components: it is unfortunate that it is this way- unpleasant-but it is just as it must be -election-. When a belief is repressed it is no longer lived as a simple belief but becomes a reality for that person.

It is often said that Rebirthing seeks to re-create the past, even reaching the moment of birth, , conception, or any experience of the past. Recreating the past, we look for repressed negative beliefs to bring them back to memory and to look at them in a way that they are integrated, transforming them into new positive beliefs. You could say that it is about understanding those situations from another vision that supports you in the present.

Personal Lie is the most limiting thought-belief-feeling a person has about him/herself. As long as this Personal Lie is not healed, it is gaining strength due to innumerable co-creations that we make from this limiting state, projecting painful experiences.

These Personal Lies are introduced into our mind during the earliest periods of our existence, normally in perinatal stage and by parenting. Many times they are inherited from the parents. They are part of the unconscious and therefore not aware.

Examples of personal lies: I cannot, I’m not worthy, I’m stupid, I’m a nuisance, I’m not enough, I’m a failure …

There are two possibilities to live the personal lie. One is accepting it and the other is overcompensating, which means struggling with huge effort to show the world that you are capable, worthy, intelligent, a gift, enough, a success…

Example: a person whose personal lie is a failure, can mount his whole life from the overcompensation of success, and therefore strive to achieve everything that society considers as  success.

It is very frequent that people who live in overcompensation end up having a great crisis or break in their lives, a wonderful healing opportunity.

Other people live with their personal lies very close, take it for a truth about them and create their reality around that thought.

Rebirthing sessions repair the physical, mental and emotional damage produced at birth as a result of the struggle to take the first breath.

Although t birth may naturally be a difficult time, the main pain is usually caused by the lack of sensitivity and ignorance by the professionals involved, plus the possible fears and tension of the parents. This is the main reason why people subventilate when they breathe, their respiratory mechanism is inhibited because they repress the fear they felt at birth.

During birth, when we take the first breath, we crystallize this first experience of the physical world and draw many conclusions about ourselves and the world.

Our natal script conditions the rest of our lives; the natal script corresponds to the period that goes from conception to the first months of the baby’s life.

The type of parenting we have received may have strengthened or weakened the birth trauma.

When we are born we depend completely on our parents. Their care and attention are necessary for our survival. As babies we learn to know what they like and dislike. They love us when we do what they like, and retire love if we don´t. 
If parents disapprove of a child’s behavior, if love, attention, sometimes also food or presence is withdrawn, the child feels terrified and insecure. It learns from a young age that it is better to do what parents like and start to disconnect from what they themselves need and want. This conditioning is -if not healed – usually carried into adulthood. We continue  to please others, looking for their approval. We have the terrifying memory of losing love as a vital threat. We do not realize that we lose the most important thing with this behavior: we lose ourselves. It is a state where anxiety and depression are born. Disconnection from ourselves is a serious consequence of seeking approval outside in the first place.
Or maybe as a child we opted for the opposite. We sought  attention through disapproval because this was the way our parents noticed us. This learned mechanism for getting attention continues to show as an adult by seeking disapproval probably by a partner or boss. No constructive relationships can result out of this. In both cases we react to an authority or set someone up as such.  They are all repetitive mechanisms that bring problems and disharmony to our relationships.

It is a psychological structure that contains the most destructive emotions, memories and human thoughts.

We need practices that strengthen our life impulse and weaken our death impulse.

The vast majority of schools and educational programs do not respect the uniqueness of the individual, treating everyone equally and cutting off the abilities and gifts of each child.

Classes are stipulated with repetitive methodologies, students can be punished or rewarded, there are no subjects related to the emotional field and the creative subjects related to ordinary life are practically non-existent. Not to mention spiritual development.

In this environment we spend a large part of our childhood, we learn to disconnect, seek the approval of teachers and live in fear of their punishment.

Most religions have the idea of ​​Divinity with dogmas and limiting attributes, which leads many people to reach erroneous and negative conclusions about God, about life and about spirituality.

Many concepts and beliefs that are rooted in religion are very damaging to our emotional stability, as the idea of ​​being guilty or the spiritual life as a life of sacrifice.

One of the aspects of the spiritual path is the healing of past memories, learning from our mistakes and forgiving ourselves without blaming other people.

During the breathing cycles, it may happen that people connect with past life experiences. In Rebirthing we do not force these memories to happen, but they happen when they need to happen.

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Über Sondra Ray

Sondra Ray, bekannt als die “Mutter des Rebirthing”.
Pionierin und Führungspersönlichkeit in der Bewusstseins- und Atemarbeitsbewegung.

Sondra Ray ist in der ganzen Welt als eine der dynamischsten Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit bekannt. Sie wird von vielen als Lehrerin, Autorin, eine der ersten Rebirtherinnen, Rednerin und Heilerin mit anerkanntem Fachwissen auf dem Gebiet der Beziehungen und der Heilung anerkannt. Inspiriert von Präsident Kennedy in den frühen 1960er Jahren, leistete Sondra Ray Pionierarbeit für die ersten zehn Friedenskorps-Gruppen – eine Erfahrung, die ihr ein lebenslanges Engagement für den Dienst an der Welt bescherte.

In den ersten Jahren vor ihrer Lebensaufgabe als Rebirtherin, Lehrerin und Autorin erwarb Ray einen Bachelor of Science in Krankenpflege am University of Florida College of Nursing und einen Master of Public Health and Family Sociology an der University of Arizona. Sie machte eine Ausbildung zur Krankenschwester mit Schwerpunkt Geburtshilfe und Gynäkologie. Während ihres Einsatzes beim Friedenskorps war sie in Peru stationiert, wo sie einige Kenntnisse der spanischen Sprache erwarb.

Sondra Ray hat 18 Bücher zu den Themen Rebirthing, Beziehungen, Ideale Geburt, Vergebung, Ein Kurs in Wundern, Heilung und den vielen mentalen und spirituellen Imperativen im Leben…. und vielen anderen Themen geschrieben, die für unser Streben nach liebevoller Integration in dieser modernen Zeit von großer Bedeutung sind. In ihrem Bestseller “THE ONE DIET” zeigt Sondra den Menschen, wie sie abnehmen können, indem sie anderen Menschen, insbesondere sich selbst, verzeihen.

Die Autorin und US-Präsidentschaftskandidatin Marianne Williamson sagt über Sondra Ray
“…Sondra ist eine Erforscherin der Grenzen des spirituellen Bewusstseins, eine wahre Pionierin. Ihre Ideen waren umwerfend und lebensverändernd für eine ganze Generation, als solche Überzeugungen noch erstaunlich ungewöhnlich waren und sind.
Wenn Sondra ein neues Buch schreibt, lese ich es. Ich schalte meine linke Gehirnhälfte aus und sauge es in mich auf, indem ich mir vorstelle, wie sie in einem Stuhl sitzt und mir erklärt, was für sie so offensichtlich ist und für den Rest von uns, nun ja, vielleicht nicht so sehr. Ich habe Sondra nie als etwas anderes als einen Lichtstrahl erlebt.
Ich habe lange genug gelebt, um sagen zu können, dass von allen Glücksfällen, die ich in meinem Leben hatte, die Begegnung mit ihr einer der lebendigsten war. Sondra Ray ist mehr als nur eine Frau. Das Wort GÖTTIN kommt mir in den Sinn…”.
Marianne Williamson in Sondras Buch “Rock Your World with the Divine Mother”.

Sondra Ray erlangte in den 1970er Jahren internationale Berühmtheit als eine der Pioniere der Rebirthing-Erfahrung, zusammen mit Leonard Orr, dem Gründer dieser Methode. Seitdem hat sie Tausende von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt in diesem Prozess des bewussten, verbundenen Atmens ausgebildet und gilt als eine der führenden Expertinnen auf dem Gebiet der Auswirkungen des Geburtstraumas auf den Körper, die Beziehungen, die Karriere und das Leben. Wie sie sagt, bewirkt dieser dynamische Atmungsprozess außerordentliche Heilungsergebnisse in Ihrem Körper und in Ihren Beziehungen – mit Ihrem Partner, mit sich selbst und mit dem Leben – und das sehr schnell. Durch die Aufnahme von mehr Lebenskraft durch den Atem kommen einschränkende Gedanken und Erinnerungen, die die Ursache für alle Probleme und Krankheiten sind, an die Oberfläche des Geistes, so dass sie “ausgeatmet”, vergeben und losgelassen werden können.

Jetzt hat Sondra Ray Rebirthing auf eine neue Ebene der Wirksamkeit gebracht, indem sie die Energie der Göttlichen Mutter in den Atemsitzungen anruft. Ihr neuer Ausdruck dieses Prozesses wird LIBERATION BREATHING® genannt.

Sondra, die oft als “Mutter des Rebirthing” bezeichnet wird, hat mehrere Seminare entwickelt und unterrichtet, darunter ihr sehr beliebtes Loving Relationships Training™, das sich zum New LRT® entwickelt hat. Ihre Weisheit und ihr Wissen haben Tausenden von Menschen geholfen, ihr Leben zu klären, indem sie gängige negative Familienmuster erklärt und diese Muster durch die Anwendung von LIBERATION BREATHING®-Praktiken und Affirmationen für kreatives Denken auflöst. Ray hat verschiedene Seminare und Trainings in der ganzen Welt durchgeführt, unter anderem in England, Frankreich, Spanien, Italien, Deutschland, Island, Irland, Polen, Schweden, Estland, Russland, Neuseeland, Australien, Singapur, Bali und Japan. Außerdem führt sie Gruppen zu jährlichen Einkehrtagen nach Indien, Island, Bali und Hawaii.

Heute, im Alter von 82 Jahren, reist Sondra Ray weiter durch die Welt und lehrt, wie man stark und vital bleibt, indem man sich dem Glück und dem Dienen verschreibt. Menschen, die mit Sondra Ray gearbeitet haben, sagen, dass ihre Lehren, ihre dynamische Präsenz und der Breath of Release®-Prozess ihnen Jahre an Zeit erspart haben, um ihr Leben zu gestalten, und dass sie ihre Entwicklung als Menschen beschleunigt haben.

Zusammen mit ihrem Ehemann Markus Ray (der 17 Jahre lang mit Tara Singh* bei ACIM studiert hat) bereisen sie die Welt, um über diese tiefgründige Schrift zu sprechen, die Tara Singh “ein Geschenk an die gesamte Menschheit” nannte und die dazu bestimmt ist, eines der größten Geschenke zu sein, das Amerika der Welt je gemacht hat.

Auf der Grundlage von 40 Jahren metaphysischen Studiums hat Sondra Ray Tausenden von Menschen geholfen, herauszufinden, wie ihre negativen Gedankenstrukturen, Geburtstraumata, gewohnheitsmäßigen Familienmuster und ihr unbewusster Todestrieb ihr Leben beeinflusst haben… und wie sie durch LIBERATION BREATHING® dauerhafte Veränderungen vornehmen können, um freier, glücklicher und produktiver zu werden. Egal, was Sondra Ray tut, sie versucht immer, ein höheres Bewusstsein zu schaffen.

About Sondra Ray

Sondra Ray, known as the “Mother of Rebirthing”.
Pioneer and leader in the Consciousness and Breathwork movement.

Sondra Ray is known throughout the world as one of the most dynamic personal development leaders of our time. She is recognised by many as a teacher, author, one of the first Rebirthers, speaker and healer, with an acknowledged expertise in the area of relationships and healing. Inspired by President Kennedy in the early 1960s, Sondra Ray pioneered the first 10 Peace Corps groups, an experience that gave her a lifelong dedication to world service..

In her early formative years before her life mission as a Rebirther, teacher and author, Ray received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida College of Nursing, and a Master of Public Health and Family Sociology from the University of Arizona. She trained as a nurse specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology. During her Peace Corps assignment she was stationed in Peru, which gave her some knowledge of the Spanish language.

Sondra Ray has written 18 books on the subjects of Rebirthing, Relationships, Ideal Birth, Forgiveness, A Course in Miracles, healing, and the many mental and spiritual imperatives in life…. and many other topics deeply relevant to our quest to integrate lovingly in these modern times. In her bestseller, “THE ONE DIET” Sondra shows people how to lose weight by forgiving people, especially themselves.

Author and U.S. presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says about Sondra Ray
“…Sondra is an explorer of the frontiers of spiritual consciousness, a true pioneer. Her ideas were mind-blowing and life-changing for a whole generation, when such beliwefs were and still are surprisingly unusual.
If Sondra writes a new book, I read it. I detach from my left brain and drink it in, imagining her sitting in a chair, explaining to me what is so obvious to her and to the rest of us, well, maybe not so much. I’ve never experienced Sondra as anything more than a ray of light.
I’ve lived long enough to be able to say that, of all the luck I’ve had in my life, meeting her has been one of the most vivid. Sondra Ray is more than a woman. The word GODDESS comes to mind…”.
Marianne Williamson in Sondra’s book, “Rock Your World with the Divine Mother”.

Sondra Ray was launched to international fame in the 1970s as one of the pioneers of the Rebirthing Experience, along with Leonard Orr, its founder. Since then, she has trained thousands of people around the world in this process of conscious, connected breathing, and is considered one of the foremost experts on how the trauma of childbirth affects the body, relationships, career and life. As she says, this dynamic breathing process produces extraordinary healing results in your body and in your relationships – with your partner, yourself and with Life.very quickly. By taking in more Life Force through the breath, limiting thoughts and memories, which are the cause of all problems and illnesses, come to the surface of the mind so that they can be “exhaled”, forgiven and released.

Now Sondra Ray has taken Rebirthing to a new level of effectiveness by invoking the energy of the Divine Mother in the breathing sessions. Her new expression of this process is called LIBERATION BREATHING®.

Often ordained as the “Mother of Rebirthing”, Sondra created and teaches several seminars, including her most popular Loving Relationships Training™ which has evolved into the New LRT®. Her wisdom and knowledge has helped thousands of people clear their lives by explaining common negative family patterns and dissolving these patterns through the application of LIBERATION BREATHING® practices and creative thinking affirmations. Ray has taken various seminars and trainings around the world to countries such as England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Bali and Japan. She also takes groups to India, Iceland, Bali and Hawaii for annual retreats.

Today, Sondra Ray, at the age of 82, continues to travel the world, teaching how to stay strong and vital by committing to happiness and service. People who have worked with Sondra Ray say that her teachings, her dynamic presence and the Breath of Release® process have saved them years of time to make their lives work and have accelerated their evolution as human beings.

Together with her husband, Markus Ray (who studied with Tara Singh* for 17 years at ACIM), they travel the world speaking about this profound scripture, which Tara Singh called “A gift to all humanity”, destined to be one of the greatest gifts America has ever given to the world.

Applying 40 years of metaphysical study, Sondra Ray has helped thousands of people discover how their negative thought structures, birth traumas, habitual family patterns and unconscious death drive have affected their lives… and how to make lasting changes through LIBERATION BREATHING® to become freer, happier and more productive. No matter what Sondra Ray is doing, she is always trying to bring a higher consciousness.

Sobre Sondra Ray

Sondra Ray, conocida como la “Madre del Rebirthing/Renacimiento”
Pionera y líder en el movimiento de consciencia y de la respiración

Sondra Ray es conocida en todo el mundo como una de las líderes del desarrollo personal más dinámicas de nuestros días. Es reconocida por muchos como maestra, autora, la primera Renacedora/Rebirther, conferenciante y sanadora, con una reconocida experiencia en el área de las relaciones y la sanación. Inspirada por el presidente Kennedy a principios de la década de 1960, Sondra Ray fue pionera en los primeros 10 grupos del Cuerpo de Paz, una experiencia que le dio la dedicación de por vida al servicio mundial.

En sus primeros años de formación antes de su misión vital como Rebirther, profesora y autora, Ray se licenció en Enfermería en la Facultad de Enfermería de la Universidad de Florida, y obtuvo un máster en Salud Pública y Sociología Familiar en la Universidad de Arizona. Se formó como enfermera especializada en obstetricia y ginecología. Durante su misión en el Cuerpo de Paz estuvo destinada en Perú, lo que le dio algún conocimiento del la lengua española

Sondra Ray ha escrito 18 libros sobre los temas de Rebirthing, relaciones, Nacimiento ideal, La Dieta del Perdón©, Un Curso de Milagros, sanación, y los muchos imperativos mentales y espirituales en la vida…. y muchos otros temas profundamente pertinentes en nuestra búsqueda de integrarnos amorosamente en estos tiempos modernos. En su bestseller,”LA UNICA DIETA” Sondra muestra a la gente cómo perder peso perdonando a la gente, especialmente a sí misma.

La autora y candidata a la presidencia de EEUU, Marianne Williamson dice de Sondra Ray
“…Sondra es una exploradora de las fronteras de la conciencia espiritual , es una verdadera pionera. Sus ideas fueron alucinantes y cambiaron la vida de toda una generación, para la que esas creencias eran sorprendentemente inusuales. 
Si Sondra escribe un nuevo libro, lo leo. Me desprendo de mi cerebro izquierdo y me la bebo, imaginándola sentada en una silla, explicándome lo que para ella es tan obvio y para el resto de nosotros, bueno, quizá no tanto. Nunca he experimentado a Sondra como algo más que un rayo de luz..
He vivido lo suficiente como para poder decir que, de todas las suertes que he tenido en mi vida, encontrarme con ella ha sido una de las más vivas. Sondra Ray es más que una mujer. Me viene a la mente la palabra DIOSA…”.
Marianne Williamson en el libro de Sondra, “Rock Your World with the Divine Mother”.

Ray fue lanzada a la fama internacional en los años 70 como una de las pioneras de la Experiencia Rebirthing, junto con Leonard Orr, su fundador. Desde entonces, ha formado a miles de personas en todo el mundo en este proceso de respiración conectada y consciente, y está considerada como una de las mayores expertas en cómo el trauma del parto afecta al cuerpo, las relaciones, la carrera y la vida. Como ella dice, este proceso dinámico de respiración produce resultados extraordinarios de curación en tu cuerpo y en tus relaciones – con tu pareja, contigo mismo y con la Vida… muy rápidamente. Al tomar más Fuerza Vital a través de la respiración, los pensamientos y recuerdos limitantes, que son la causa de todos los problemas y enfermedades, salen a la superficie de la mente para que puedan ser “exhalados”, perdonados y liberados.

Ahora Sondra Ray ha llevado el Rebirthing a un nuevo nivel de eficacia invocando la energía de la Madre Divina en las sesiones de respiración. Su nueva expresión de este proceso se llama LIBERATION BREATHING®.

A menudo ordenada como la “Madre del Rebirthing”, Sondra creó e imparte varios seminarios, incluyendo su más popular Loving Relationships Training™ que ha evolucionado hasta convertirse en el New LRT®. Su sabiduría y conocimiento ha ayudado a miles de personas a aclarar su vida explicando los patrones familiares negativos más comunes y disolviendo estos patrones mediante la aplicación de prácticas de LIBERATION BREATHING® y afirmaciones de pensamiento creativo. Ray ha llevado varios seminarios y formaciones por todo el mundo a países como Inglaterra, Francia, España, Italia, Alemania, Islandia, Irlanda, Polonia, Suecia, Estonia, Rusia, Nueva Zelanda, Australia, Singapur, Bali y Japón. También lleva a grupos a la India, Islandia, Bali y Hawai para realizarretiros anuales.

Actualmente, Sondra Ray, a la edad de 82 años, sigue viajando por el mundo enseñando como mantenerse fuerte y vital comprometiéndose a la felicidady.  Las personas que han trabajado con Sondra Ray dicen que sus enseñanzas, su presencia dinámica y el proceso de la Respiración de Liberación® les han ahorrado años de tiempo para hacer funcionar su vida y han acelerado su evolución como ser humano.

Junto con su marido, Markus Ray (que estudió con Tara Singh* durante 17 años en ACIM), viajan por el mundo hablando sobre esta profunda escritura, que Tara Singh llamó “Un regalo para toda la humanidad”, destinado a ser uno de los mayores regalos que América ha aportado al mundo.

Aplicando 30 años de estudio metafísico, Sondra Ray ha ayudado a miles de personas a descubrir cómo sus estructuras de pensamiento negativas, sus traumas de nacimiento, sus patrones familiares habituales y su impulso de muerte inconsciente han afectado a su vida… y cómo hacer cambios duraderos a través de la LIBERATION BREATHING® para ser más libres, felices y productivos. No importa lo que Sondra Ray esté haciendo, siempre está tratando de llevar una conciencia más elevada.

30-tägiger Einzel- und Intensivkurs

Die 30-tägige Einzel- und Intensivausbildung ist eine Ausbildung im Zentrum Pura Vida und wird in der Regel in drei Blöcke zu je 10 Tagen aufgeteilt, je nach den Bedürfnissen des Teilnehmers.

Die Ausbildung ist zunächst eine persönliche Entwicklungsarbeit der Person und besteht aus 10 Einzelsitzungen und 10 Modulen zu den verschiedenen Lebensabschnitten (Einführung in Rebirthing, Geburt, Kindheit, Selbstwertgefühl, Beziehungen, Sexualität, Wohlstand und Geld, beruflicher Erfolg, der Weg des Friedens und Training mit den vier Elementen). Zweitens lernen Sie, Sitzungen zu geben und mit anderen Studenten oder Klienten zu praktizieren.

Diese Aufteilung ist notwendig für die Integration der 10-tägigen Arbeit, aber auch für die Hausaufgaben, wie Vergebungsarbeit und Affirmationen, Atemübungen, Lekrüre usw.

Die Dauer der Intervalle liegt im Ermessen des Schülers und des Ausbilders.

In den Gesamtkosten der Ausbildung sind Unterkunft und Kursmaterial enthalten.

PREIS: 4500€

Wenn ein weiterer Teilnehmer an dem individuellen Intensivtraining teilnimmt, reduziert sich der Preis auf 4000 € pro Person.


The 30-day individual and intensive training is a residential training at Pura Vida and is normally divided into three blocks of 10 days according to the needs of the student.

The training is primarily a personal development work of the person and consists of 10 individual sessions and 10 modules of the different stages of life (Introduction to Rebirthing, Birth, Childhood, Self-esteem, Relationships, Sexuality, Prosperity and Money, Professional Success, the Path of Peace and Practices with the Four Elements). Secondly, you learn how to give sessions and practice with other students or clients.

This division is necessary for the integration of the 10-day work, but also for homework, such as forgiveness work and affirmations, breathing practice, reading, etc.

The duration of the intervals is according to the student’s and the instructor’s.convenience.

The full cost of the training includes accommodation and course material.

PRICE: 4500€

If another student joins the individual and intensive training, the price is reduced to 4000€ per person.

Formación individual e intensiva de 30 días

La formación individual e intensiva de 30 días es una formación residencial en Pura Vida y se divide normalmente en tres bloques de 10 días según necesidad del alumno.

La formación es en primer lugar un trabajo de desarrollo personal de la persona y consiste en 10 sesiones particulares y 10 módulos de las diferentes etapas de la vida (Introducción al Rebirthing, Nacimiento, Infancia, Autoestima, Relaciones, Sexualidad, prosperidad y dinero, Éxito profesional, el camino de la paz y practicas con los cuatro elementos). En segundo lugar, se aprende a dar sesiones y se practica con otros alumnos o clientes.

Esta división es necesario para la integración del trabajo de los 10 días, pero también para hacer tareas en casa, como trabajos de perdón y afirmaciones, practicas de respiración, lectura etc.

La duración de los intervalos es según posibilidad del alumno y de la instructora.

El coste completo de la Formación incluye el alojamiento y material del curso.

Si otro alumno se sume a la Formación individual e intensiva, el precio se reduce a 4000€ por persona.
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