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Private Sessions in Pura Vida Tenerife

A Rebirthing session is a space of trust and safety where the client can open up to the Practitioner to share what is not working in their life, what they want to change and where they need support. The Rebirther guides the client to find the unconscious thoughts, beliefs and habits that have created the problem and are blocking their life. The sessions are aimed at personal growth and transformation. The person comes to understand that they have created the problem and that it is an opportunity to grow and improve their life.

The duration of a session is about two hours.

First we do a breathing exercise to be in the here and now. Then we go into the situation that needs transformation and see what is behind it. It can be defined as Awareness Process.

The second part ‘consists of breathing for one hour – usually lying on a mattress – in a conscious and connected way. This enables the person to reconnect with him/herself and to integrate the new information on a cellular level.

One can take as many sessions as one chooses. It is recommended to receive 10 sessions in relation to the 9 months of pregnancy and the 10th session is the closure of the process.

The main objective of these 10 sessions is a profound revision of the vital history in order to understand and transform, so that the person can manifest the changes they desire and become autonomous with the technique, that is to say, that they can practice and develop it by themselves on their own.

Price: 95€ (1 session)

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