Conscious Relationships

17 February 2024 - 10:00 to 20:00h

Having healthy relationships is not easy, not least because no one has taught us and because our partner reflects back to us what we have not healed in ourselves and what we do not want to see. There is nothing outside that is not inside. This gives us the opportunity to look at what we see outside and heal it inside us.

We use different techniques to become aware of unhealed issues and teach tools that help us to resolve them. These tools or techniques are easy and effective, and can be used as needed. In fact it is the practice that makes the mastery.

Our relationships are based on the model of our parents and those who raised us. We will study these models and transform relationships to a new level of conscious and loving communication and sharing.

Course content

  • 5 steps of relationship development
  • Sondra Ray’s 10 Guidelines “Relationships with Love”
  • Relationship History
  • Jealousy
  • Emotional Incest
  • Agreement Model
  • Conflict-free Relationships
  • Peaceful Communication
  • Breathing and Integration Session

This year I have decided to offer a big discount on the courses to make them more accessible to people with less means. Prices are rising everywhere and the need for change is greater. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Price: 108€ 54€

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