Sacred Sexuality

16 March 2024 - 00:00 to 20:00h

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy there is, it is the energy of life and creation.
From the moment we are born our sexuality is conditioned by family, cultural and social causes, this leads us to disconnect ourselves from a free, innocent and fulfilling sexuality and our creative capacity.
Sacred sexuality accompanies us to be aware of the existence of the sexual-creative energy that dwells in us and in all that surrounds us, through reconnection and experimenting with our feminine and masculine energies to experience life in union and wholeness with all.

Course content

  • What is Sacred Sexuality?
  • Memories of family sexuality and its integration
  • Sexual energy and creativity
  • Masculine and feminine energy
  • The repression of the sacred feminine
  • Love, sex and spirituality
  • Sacred Sexuality, the encounter and union with the whole

This year I have decided to offer a big discount on the courses to make them more accessible to people with less means. Prices are rising everywhere and the need for change is greater. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Price: 108€ 54€

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