Three months ago, the PURA VIDA TENERIFE Center and I moved from Bajamar to Tegueste. The truth that at first it was not easy to make the decision. When I am in a beautiful and seemingly perfect place, it is difficult for me to imagine that a better place could exist. Change means detachment, letting …

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Why rebirthing?

On the one hand, through rebirthing I connected to myself and my feelings, learned to recognize and let go patterns, to free thoughts from my subconscious mind and transform them, to love myself and thus to have a loving relationship with my fellow human beings and with nature . My life has changed so fundamentally …

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What is anxiety? Anxiety is the consequence of repressed feelings, emotions kept under lock and key, that we have no idea they are there. Every time they are triggered by something that happens, we cover them up in many ways: alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, work, sport, drugs – anything to distract us from that feeling, …

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