What is anxiety?
Anxiety is the consequence of repressed feelings, emotions kept under lock and key, that we have no idea they are there. Every time they are triggered by something that happens, we cover them up in many ways: alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, work, sport, drugs – anything to distract us from that feeling, which can be sadness, pain, anger… Suppression creates anguish. It’s like a pressure cooker. That pressure of the feeling that wants to be released is what makes us panic.
The solution is relatively easy.
An example from my practice:
A male athlete came in who has been having anxiety attacks for well over a year. He got scared when he was diagnosed with cancer here in Tenerife, then he had tests in his country of origin and it turned out that it was not cancer and he was cured in a week of the discomfort he had. Then Covid begins, and he loses more and more confidence in himself. He does not sleep at night. He is afraid of going crazy. He visits doctors, two psychologists and a psychiatrist. He has been prescribed anxiolytics and tranquilizers. But he still has anxiety attacks and no sleep.
Finally he came to me. No one had taken the time to look at what was going on in his life.
He grew up practically fatherless and started early with lots of sports. Then he gets married and has a son who is everything to him, he gives him all his attention to compensate what he had not receive from his father. He is obsessed with his son. The son started to want to be more with his friends than with his father. The father panicked about losing his “surrogate father”. This fear and pain from his childhood is activated and the pressure is too much. He didn’t know what was really going on. It was in his unconscious. And problems are always located in childhood.
In the session he finally felt the insecurity of not having a protective father and the sadness that this entails, feeling alone, unloved and unaccepted by his father. He left my center relieved to know where the whole story comes from and for having opened his heart to feel his pain. He left smiling and happy. He confirmed to me the next day that he could finally sleep.
Rebirthing is the easiest, fastest and most effective thing I know.

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