Three months ago, the PURA VIDA TENERIFE Center and I moved from Bajamar to Tegueste. The truth that at first it was not easy to make the decision. When I am in a beautiful and seemingly perfect place, it is difficult for me to imagine that a better place could exist. Change means detachment, letting go, saying good-bye. And, of course, welcome a new experience. I did not imagine that the new site was much more perfect for my needs: beautiful nature, cozy, quiet, without neighbors (the closest ones also my clients), a space for my own, rooms for people to stay, garden, trees , sea and mountain views, swimming pool, jacuzzi … the Universe loves me … and I love it. We would love you to visit us, whether to attend Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation classes, Hatha Yoga and Prenatal Yoga classes, Rebirthing courses, personal transformation and Self-Esteem, to stay and enjoy the peace of pure nature in Tenerife. You are very welcome.

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