Personal and Professional Training


The training is a path of self-knowledge that is open to anyone interested in and committed to their own well-being and healing, and who wishes to live in peace with themselves and others. Secondly, it is a professional training to support with this tool the growth and healing of others and to put oneself at the service of humanity, according to one’s own will and disposition.

The combination of two powerful tools make Rebirthing the highway to inner freedom and peace:

1 - Conscious Connected Breathing

2- Mind Mastery

The most important thing for every person and especially for a Rebirther is to heal their own past to create a different future. It is a fast, efficient and easy process. The belief of life being hard, complicated or painful creates this reality. But as you can change your beliefs you can change your reality. Only having done the healing work on yourself, are you able to support others in their process. You cannot give what you have not received.

That is why it is essential to have received 10 private sessions focused on your own process, healing and releasing family, relationship, money,work and health issues. The last sessions focus also on being able to support other people in their process.

The second ingredient of the training is the participation in the 10 workshops of Personal Development. Here all basic life issues are dealt with and support the awareness and healing of blockages that may exist in these areas. This is essential for the process itself and gives all the necessary information to the future professional. The topics are:

Rebirthing / Birth / Childhood / Self-esteem / Relationships / Sacred Sexuality / Prosperity and Money / Professional Success / The Way of Peace / Retreat.

Also included in the training is a Session Exchange with another student to strengthen the practice.

Price of the training: 2600€ (payment by instalments possible)

(Does not include accommodation and food at the retreat)



The residential training consists of a 30-day training which is normally divided into 3 blocks of ten days and includes 10 private sessions and work on the 9 basic topics of Rebirthing.



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Silke Modersohn

Director of the International Breathwork and Self-Esteem Centre PURA VIDA TENERIFE

Who benefits from the training:

  • People who want more well-being and happiness in their lives.
  • People who want to put light into their shadows.
  • People who want to live their truth and let go of their false beliefs.
  • People of any age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or physical condition.
  • Parents who want to serve their children (and their whole environment) as a model of wellbeing and happiness.
  • People who want to free themselves from their family conditioning.
  • People working in the service of physical and mental health who want to acquire a method to be able to better support their clients.
  • People who are looking for an effective profession of service to humanity.
  • People who have already been trained in the method and want to deepen their knowledge of it.

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Chinese proverb


13/14 May 2023
  • Family programme.
  • Skills and talents.
  • Life Purpose.
  • The Change.
  • Breathing and Integration Session.


10/11 June 2023
  • Ways of acting and communicating.
  • Attack as defence.
  • Defencelessness.
  • The Course in Miracles.
  • Peace is the Way.
  • Breathing and Integration Session.


From 29 June to 2 July 2023
  • Yoga and Breathing Exercises adapted to your level.
  • Complete daily Conscious and Connected Breathing sessions.
  • Prepare delicious vegetarian food.
  • Choice of one day of fasting or semi-fasting with fresh and delicious juices.
  • Breathing by a fire.
  • Breathing in water.
  • Enjoying nature with a walk in the forest.
  • Enjoy a swim in the sea.
  • Spending a day in silence.
  • Learning how to heal emotional wounds.
  • Playing and laughing again.


15/16 october 2022
  • Rebirthing/Rebirthing and its power and gentleness
  • Breathing exercises
  • The concept of Creative Thinking
  • The most negative thought (Personal Lie)
  • Birth Trauma
  • Parental Disapproval Syndrome
  • Death Urgency
  • School Trauma
  • Senility
  • Individual sessions
  • Breath reading
  • Breathing and Integration Session


12/13 November 2022
  • The 5 stages: Pre-conception, Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, First Year
  • Classical types of Birth
  • Birth Questionnaire
  • Birth Tunnel
  • Welcome Massage
  • Visualisation of the Ideal Birth
  • Video Elena Tonetti Birth As We Know It
  • Breathing and Integration Session


17/18 December 2022
  • Parental Disapproval Syndrome.
  • The different stages from birth to 6 years old, their deficiencies and learnings.
  • Relationship with Mum and Dad.
  • Letters of Forgiveness and Gratitude.
  • Breathing and Integration Session.


14/15 January 2023
  • Self-Respect and Respect for Others.
  • Self-Acceptance and Acceptance of Others.
  • Self-Recognition and Acknowledgement of Others.
  • Positive Self-Image.
  • Healing Past Wounds.
  • Giving and Receiving Support.
  • Sacred space within.
  • Breathing and Integration Session.


11/12 February 2023
  • 5 steps of relationship development.
  • Sondra Ray’s 10 Guidelines “Relationships with Love”.
  • Relationship History.
  • Jealousy.
  • Emotional Incest.
  • Agreement Model.
  • Conflict-free Relationships.
  • Peaceful Communication.
  • Breathing and Integration Session.


11/12 March 2023
  • What is Sacred Sexuality?
  • Memories of family sexuality and its integration.
  • Sexual energy and creativity.
  • Masculine and feminine energy.
  • The repression of the sacred feminine.
  • Love, sex and spirituality.
  • Sacred Sexuality, the encounter and union with the whole.


15/16 April 2023
  • Family conditioning.
  • Scarcity – Abundance.
  • Money in Circulation.
  • Self-Enhancement.
  • Constellation.
  • Breathing and Integration Session.


Cost of the training: 2600€ (payment by instalments possible)

For payment by instalments, please contact us on 620641200 or by email

Diploma issued by the International Breathwork and Self-Esteem Centre PURA VIDA TENERIFE
endorsed by Rebirthing Breathwork International, International Breathwork Foundation, Sondra Ray and the Collective of Rebirthers of the Canary Islands.

* Does not include accommodation and food for the retreat.

“My wish is to support people to know themselves, find their power and live a happy life. I put my experience and knowledge at the service of humanity, to create more health and well-being in this world. In my first Rebirthing sessions I experienced feelings I had never felt before and did not even know existed: deep peace, unconditional love, happiness and understanding. As I have continued to breathe and transform my family programming and past experiences, these feelings have become part of my daily life.”

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