Book “Self-esteem”



When I began dedicating myself to personal development after a huge series of problems in my life, I learned that our thoughts create our reality. And that roughly 90% of our thoughts are unconscious. This makes so many things happen to us that at first don’t seem to have anything to do with us. But in reality, they do. It’s a work of consciousness, of learning from my experiences, from family and ancestral memories, and thus gradually understanding more and more of what is happening within me.

In this book, I have compiled the most frequent affirmations that I have worked with myself and with my clients on the subject of self-esteem. I’m sure they will be a blessing and a great benefit in your life. The affirmations are suitable for all ages and for boys/men and girls/women.

As a parent, it is a great advantage for your child to listen to these affirmations over and over again so that they can sink into their subconscious. You’ll be doing them a huge favor. Silke Modersohn, director of PURA VIDA TENERIFE International Centre for Breathing and Self-Esteem, has compiled in this book a selection of thoughts that help you boost your self-esteem.

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