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What exactly is birth trauma?
Birth is a wondrous transition from the safety of the womb to the earthly realm. Naturally, it should take place within a secure and loving environment. However, reality often diverges: it can become hostile when external individuals interfere with the security felt by the baby in the presence of its mother and father, when tools and machines are involved, bright lights, and an unnatural setting. Adding to this any stress the baby might feel due to abandonment, the parents’ financial worries, relationship problems, or even an unwanted pregnancy. All of these factors can lead to the baby’s resistance to being born into this world.

Love, safety, and protection are the utmost priorities for the newborn. If these needs are not met, issues are already inevitable in this lifetime. The manner in which we are born greatly influences our lives—how we perceive the surrounding world, how we react to situations, and the relationships we form with others.

Some typical traumas experienced during birth include; premature cutting of the umbilical cord, excessive lighting, separation from the mother, father not being present at birth, rough handling of the newborn, cesarean section, forceps delivery, the cord wrapped around the neck, breech birth, premature birth, incubation, induced birth, medication, and prolonged labor…

Each of these can impact the baby in multiple ways and can manifest in adulthood as challenges and crises. For instance, a baby born with the umbilical cord around its neck might, later on, show suicidal tendencies and feel disconnected from their emotions. An individual born via a forceps delivery might grow up fearing touch, creating situations where they need to be rescued by others. Another example is when the birthing process involved medication; later in life, the individual might feel ungrounded, even developing addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Repressed memories from birth can establish patterns of behavior and recurring experiences throughout one’s life, leading you to believe they’re genuine and occurring to you.

Some examples include:

  • You feel responsible for everything and everyone in your life.
  • A sensation of being unable to complete projects.
  • You feel an external power is steering your life.
  • Interactions with others leave you perplexed.
  • You expect others to help you tackle your problems.
  • You feel addicted to certain behaviors.
  • You find it challenging to adapt to change.
  • Life seems to be an endless struggle for survival.
  • It feels like life is happening to you, making it hard to find love.
  • You feel vulnerable and frightened.

Course content

  • The 5 stages: Pre-conception, Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, First Year
  • Classical types of Birth
  • Birth Questionnaire
  • Birth Tunnel
  • Welcome Massage
  • Visualisation of the Ideal Birth
  • Rebirthing Session zur Integration

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